ESN Group

Experience, professionalism and research


ESN Group was created by people who have been working in automation for more than 20 years, with extensive experience in several projects and implementations all over the world. They cooperate in this new reality to best express their know-how and skills.
ESN Group is a group of specialized partner companies, well-known for their product and their service excellence. They cooperate to supply their customers with integrated, compact and flexible turnkey solutions suitable for the specific field of application.

Design integrated solutions


We undertake to innovate, research and develop integrating our experience into each specific application of each project.
Therefore, our mission is to design and implement integrated solutions for medium and low speed automation with the highest technological and quality levels.
ESN Group goal is not only to provide reliable and high-tech machines, but especially to find the best integrated solution meeting precisely the real customer needs.

People at the heart of innovation


Passion, professionalism and loyalty are the three key values our company is based on.
We enhance people’s qualities, passion, teamwork, professionalism and loyalty both internally and externally in order to increase the know-how and the intellectual capital to be always competitive and ready to meet our customer needs.
Consistency and teamwork with our partners allow us to grow together and always be ready to develop new ideas and face new challenges.



A network of people with the same goals to implement new ideas and new projects.
ESN Group network means specialized companies, well-known for their product and their service excellence cooperating in order to supply compact and flexible solutions.
A stable cooperation with the main Lombard universities of technology of Dalmine, Milan and Pavia allows gaining unlimited and specific expertise for each project.



Esn - Engeneenering Service Network Srl has obtained the certification of its management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9000: 2015 standard.

A complete range of technological solutions


ESN Group studies, designs and carries out customized applications for industries operating in different sectors.
Experience and know-how contribute to offer an important value to all industrial contexts in order to increase their operating efficiency, quality standards and safety level.

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