A team of specialized engineers works with the internal project managers of our customers, offering a high level of professionalism and expertise in all the development phases: data analysis, feasibility study, design, implementation, production line start and test.
We want to build a relationship based on confidence and reliability with our customers, standing by them to meet all their needs, after the plant installation too.
We undertake to innovate, research and develop integrating our experience in each specific application of each project.

Technical training


Our package of products/services is integrated with specific training and assistance to impart know-how. The information on the operating logics of the line and of each machine is supplied during installation.
During the factory acceptance test (FAT) the company staff in charge is supported by our technicians through courses during the whole setup time.
Our technicians assist the operators in charge of the plant maintenance and production until they are autonomous.
These programmes will allow the customer team to solve problems autonomously, to improve results and to be as successful as the company expects.

Assistance, maintenance and prevention


The services we offer are based on a medium/long term strategy, to keep a reliable and collaborative relationship with the Customer, to prevent the malfunction causes and to solve promptly the critical issues that should arise.
A true customer care must meet different needs:
• Efficiency and quality improvement, and reduction of waste
• Annual and multiannual maintenance programmes, for each line installed
• Spare parts and dedicated equipment management

Integrated and customized software development


An essential part of our service is the software development and implementation: user-friendly user interfaces, integrations with our customers management system, specific applications.
A team of engineers and developers works constantly to be updated on the most innovative solutions to improve the production and management plant performance and productivity.
Out IT solutions are open and dynamic and they can be implemented according to changed needs and contexts.

Partners of excellence


ESN Group is a network of professionals and companies sharing the same goals.
Quality, reliability, technical expertise and teamwork are the mainstay of our network. Each ESN Group partner shares our values.
Moreover, a stable cooperation with the main Lombard universities of technology of Dalmine, Milan and Pavia allows gaining unlimited and specific expertise for each project.

Spare parts and components


Thermal transfer is the most used printing technology in the world to mark variable information on labels or flexible packaging: barcodes, logotypes, texts, expiry dates and batch numbers. This data is important to identify a product, ensure its traceability during its life cycle, but also to supply the final users with information on the essential products.

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