Technology and quality


ESN Group offers a complete range of integrated solutions for the automation of production lines, both for new projects and for implementations of existing plants, with the objective of safety and efficiency. We work in specific sectors and offer solutions to label, package, palletize and move products within your production facility.

Coding and traceability


Our automation and machine solutions meet the growing demand of flexibility in the packaging world to design a complete range of modular and combined labelling machines using different application technologies in one machine.
Laser, inkjet and thermal transfer film technologies are integrated into our systems according to the specific needs.

Manage easily all formats and operations


Our partnership with leading companies in the sector allows us to offer the widest range of secondary packaging machines: bundling machines, wrap-around case packers, combined case packing and bundling machines, robotized pick & place meeting our customer needs.
The integration of coding systems and automatic secondary packaging machines allows ensuring the complete traceability of the packaged product.

Speed up the stock management


Our palletizing system is based on an anthropomorphic 4-axis robot, suitable for carrying out the main palletizing, depalletizing and/or handling operations.
The key elements of a robotized system are modularity, upgradability and low maintenance.
Our product grippers are designed to be flexible for different types of containers. They are precise, equipped with soft-touch systems ensuring the maximum efficiency for all types of products.

Increase the production line performances


Over the years and throughout our projects we have selected machines, hardware and software components and developed different solutions according to the customer needs and the needs of the production plants and of the products to handle.
- Roller shutter conveyors
- Modular chain conveyors
- Belt conveyors
- Magnetic conveyors
- Pallet conveyors
- Dividers

Simplify and integrate handling


Our solutions include linear shuttles, on rail or rubber wheels, LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle), specific conveyor solutions for handling the primary, secondary and logistic packaging inside the production plant.
The layouts are studied to minimize the reduced hardware structure constraints and to allow the production flows to be rescheduled according to the customer needs.

A complete range of technological solutions


ESN Group studies, designs and carries out customized applications for industries operating in different sectors.
Experience and know-how contribute to offer an important value to all industrial contexts in order to increase their operating efficiency, quality standards and safety level.

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