Conveyors & Devices

Table top chain Conveyors

These conveyors are characterised by simplicity of manufacturing, solidity and a long service life. They use only plastic or steel chains.


Modular Chain Conveyors

The main feature are the flexibility of use, silent operation, easy to sanitise and the smooth transfer of the product. The variety of materials and different types available make it easy to satisfy a variety of customer requirements.


Textile belt conveyors

Mat conveyors are used mainly in the food, pharmaceutical and tissue industries. Their unique feature of working on extremely narrow passages allows transferring very small sized products in a smooth and precise manner. The main characteristics of these conveyors are that they are easy to clean, quiet and the mat can be made of a wide variety of materials.

Magnetic conveyor

Magnetic conveyors are used to transfer tin cans and iron material products. They are an efficient solution to the dilemma of upwards and downwards slope product transfer even with steep inclinations, not possible with other types of conveyor systems.


Pallet conveyors

The pallet transporter is used to handle pallets that are either empty or full of bins and other large-sized and heavy products. Pallet transporters may use rollers or chains and the range of products is completed by rotation and transfer systems. Machine frames are solid and finished, with special care taken for operator safety. For unique applications, we also have rollerways that may be walked on, to allow operators to cross them safely, increasing workplace functionality.



LM Multilane Dividers or Laners are uniquely capable to high speed sort unstable products, from one lane to a number of lanes.

The control of the main motions is via servo motors allowing fast format changeover, making this type of machine particularly suited to multiformat lines..

Together with laners LM can provide other material handling systems such twisters (tilting systems), product turning systems (90 ° or 180 °) and stackers.