We have introduced improvements in electronics and a new design. It is very compact, despite le presence of ballast and can operate both indoors and outdoors.

Normally it is fitted out with an opportunity recharging system, but whenever this is not sufficient a change of battery is foreseen (after a work shift) by means of a special trolley : the changing of the battery takes no more than a minute!!

LGV from ESN handles any kind of pallet or metal container independently from its typology (open/closed) and from the type of loading and unloading rollers. The vehicle may be equipped with inertial or laser navigation.

Technical Characteristics

Lenght (forks excluded) :1530 mm
Width : 1050 mm
Wheelbase : 1050 mm
Battery : 48 V
Traction motor power :  2,5 KW
Max speed : 1,5 mt/sec